Well Made. In praise of the creative process

group exhibition

Museum Kade
Eemplein 77 (Eemhuis)
3812 EA Amersfoort

opening 20.01.2017
19.00 uur: Ontvangst
19.30 uur: Welkomstwoord door Judith van Meeuwen, curator Kunsthal KAdE
19.35 uur: Introductie door Mariëtte Haveman, hoofdredacteur Kunstschrift
Tot 21.00 uur: Bezoek tentoonstelling

Next year leading Dutch art journal Kunstschrift celebrates its 40th anniversary – good reason for Kunsthal KAdE to join with the magazine in mounting an exhibition about the fascinating ways by which works of art have been created over the centuries. The creative process has been a strong focus of editorial attention in Kunstschrift’s theme issues for many years. The exhibition will reflect that interest by presenting an amazing range of artworks that throw particular light on materials and techniques, craftsmanship, ideation and studio practice. The exhibition will run from 21 January to 17 April 2017 (Easter Monday).


  • Date 10 January 2017
  • Tags Exhibitions - Past