Since 1998, Liet Heringa and Maarten van Kalsbeek collaborate as Heringa/Van Kalsbeek. Their sculptures are both spectacular and dynamic, rooted in a deep fascination with natural processes. Gravity, in particular, serves as their guiding principle. Rather than merely depicting nature, they immerse themselves in it, translating these experiences into innovative sculptural methods. ‘You have to allow a storm to rage through your mind to reimagine sculpture’

Simultaneously, they are drawn to traditional crafts and techniques, recognizing the profound influence of cultural history on artistic expression. They understand that contemporary solutions can often be found by revisiting the past. This philosophy has led them to extensive periods of work in Japan, Korea, Paris, and the US.

Their recent solo exhibition Spring Tide 2023-2024 at the Kunstmuseum Den Haag, vividly demonstrates their integration of natural processes and sustainable practices. Materials with their own histories are frequently repurposed, showcasing their commitment to both craftsmanship and technological innovation. 

‘It is crucial to what we do: we have to make in order to understand’