Chair at Alfred University NY state USA

Chair at Alfred University NY state USA
Ceramic art department

We are looking forward to our upcoming project;  the Randall Chair in the Division of Ceramic Art at Alfred. The Randall Chair was established in 2007 to honor the legacy of artist and educator Theodore Randall, remembered as the architect of the School of Art and Design at Alfred and a significant artist and organizer in the field of ceramic art. The Randall Chair is open to established, international artists living outside the United States who, by virtue of their stature as experienced artists, will bring diverse cultural insight to the community of artists and educators at Alfred. The Division of Ceramic Art is one of six divisions in a comprehensive program with a very active faculty and prolific student body who access renowned facilities for artistic and scholarly research. See current activities in the Division of Ceramic Art.

We will teach one upper-division course and advise graduate students in ceramic art, make a public presentation on their work and at the conclusion of their residency mount an informal exhibition of our work. For the Randall Chair we will receive a private studio, a research stipend and 24-hour access to a renowned ceramic facility. 

  • Date 26 December 2021
  • Tags 2021 - 2013, Exhibitions - Past